About the Artist


My interest in clay began in California in 1965 when I spent the weekend watching a group of potters do a demonstration at our local arts and crafts center. I was enthralled and said to myself, "I want to do that."  I've been potting ever since. Throughout high school and college I took whatever courses were available, studying with various teachers, most notably, Philip Cornelius at Pasadena City College and Conrad Weiser at the Craft Center at North Carolina State. Mostly I practiced on my own to improve my skills.

In 1970 I set up my first studio in Raleigh and started showing and selling my work at local galleries and outdoor shows.

In 1979 I moved to Knightdale where I have maintained a working studio to the present. Most of my work is "thrown" on the wheel. I love making bowls and pots that function well over time. It is a great compliment to me when customers say how much they enjoy using one of my pieces. I am also interested in surface decoration, using stains, slips, and glazes applied in layers. The real magic is when the firing melts the glazes together and we come up with a beautiful glaze painting.  I find my inspiration in nature: animals, plants, and people.  I like using a lot of color in my decorations. I also do figurative sculpture, birds seem to be a recurring theme.

Clay is a wonderful medium to work with.  I have been "potting" for four decades and still find inspiration and excitement in the process of using clay, glaze and fire.



My daughter Kathleen was "raised in clay."  In 2005 she joined the pottery business, starting out assisting with laborious jobs (reclaiming clay, mixing glazes, loading the kiln, cleaning, etc.)  As she improved her skills, she started creating her own pieces mainly using hand-building techniques. Much of our current work is done collaboratively.

Redman Pottery is shown in local galleries, at arts and crafts shows, and in our studio. In 2008 we moved into our beautiful new building with 18 windows, insulation, running water, and, hopefully in 2009, a wood stove. We are open by appointment or at one of our home shows.

Thank you for your interest in our work,
Nancy Redman"